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Shop Collage

From the end of Summer to the end of the Fall I spent time working on renovating my new art studio space, which I acquired in early July. I’m really interested in welding steel to make sculptures and funky furniture. Even though the space still needs tons of work, it’s been great starting new creative projects.

When I was in High School I had this ability to jump over large objects.

During High School and College, I had this ability to jump over large objects.

Sometimes I didn't make it, denting the roof top.

Sometimes I didn’t make it, denting roof tops.

Sometimes I jumped over people.

Sometimes I jumped over people.

From my class

I taught a lighting course at the Corcoran College of Art + Design for several years.
One of my students and I produced this image during class.

Family Holiday Card

This is our Wes Anderson inspired holiday card.

Wheel Chair

When I was a Photographer’s Assistant a zillion years ago, I sometimes had to step in to model. In this case, I’m in a wheel chair for this classic “politically correct” annual report cover.

David, Siegfried and Roy-5
I’m sitting in for a white tiger in this Seliger polaroid of Siegfried and Roy.
Rolling Stone 1992