John Rizzo 1 John Rizzo 2

At the time I took these images for BAM, I never would’ve fore scene how big this story of CIA “enhanced interrogation techniques” on captured Al-Qaeda operatives would be, and how it would eventually reach Senate hearings. John Rizzo was a very interesting subject to meet, and photograph. It was evident how this historical experience weighed heavily on him.


Marion Barry

I was fortunate to be assigned to photograph Marion Barry for The Washington Post Magazine (sometime around 2005). The shoot was scheduled for 11am at his Anacostia office. I arrived early, however he wasn’t there, his assistants didn’t know where he was, and so I waited. I waited for 5 hours! When he finally arrived, the street became electric. Kids came running up, people shook his hand, and he basked in the attention. He truly was the Mayor for Life.



Shop Collage

From the end of Summer to the end of the Fall I spent time working on renovating my new art studio space, which I acquired in early July. I’m really interested in welding steel to make sculptures and funky furniture. Even though the space still needs tons of work, it’s been great starting new creative projects.



Almost the entire month of May I spent in preproduction, ending with two long and intense days of shooting for the “That Guy” campaign. Nothing beats photographing people looking drunk and throwing up- I love it!

Pool Float

This is one of those bizarre milli-second images. I was photographing kids jumping off a diving board, but this shot looks like some mystical girl floating over the pool. I love the bubbly water on the right caused by another diver. Just an accidental magical moment image.

I’m always amazed by that iPhone quality. These are shots taken while driving home past the Mall. Stella Face
The light on Stella was direct sunlight on the right of her face and the left side filled with sunlight reflected from my car's side-view mirror.

Big Bus BDashboard Feet<

When I was in High School I had this ability to jump over large objects.

During High School and College, I had this ability to jump over large objects.

Sometimes I didn't make it, denting the roof top.

Sometimes I didn’t make it, denting roof tops.

Sometimes I jumped over people.

Sometimes I jumped over people.

Robert Cole- Sculptor

From my class

I taught a lighting course at the Corcoran College of Art + Design for several years.
One of my students and I produced this image during class.

Family Holiday Card

This is our Wes Anderson inspired holiday card.